Planning / Proposal

Planning / Proposal img
Market research, information gathering, analysis
Proposal of materials
Proposal of auxiliary materials
Proposal of washing processing

Each sales staff will listen to your request for cost, schedule, and quality in order to smoothly shape your needs.
We will propose materials, sewing and processing based on the results of the hearing.
In addition, upon request, we will also propose a newly developed sample.

Pattern creation

Pattern creation img
Master pattern creation
Adjusting the fabric shrinkage

We use Toray ACS’s apparel CAD “CREACOMPO” to receive the pattern and sewing specifications from the customer, confirm the materials to be used, and propose sewing specifications in anticipation of actual production.
The scale of the fabric is added to the pattern, and grading work is performed on products with different sizes, and various markings are made while checking the balance between the number of products produced and the size development.
We are trying to understand the above and try to produce as little loss as possible.
We also work to generate patterns from photographs and actual items if requested.

Cutting / Sewing

Cutting / Sewing img
Sample making
Main production

Our company cuts samples with one of the few fully-automatic apparel CAM cutting machines in Japan, which enables more efficient work speed and more accurate cutting than manual cutting.
Improving the cutting accuracy leads to the improvement of the quality of the next process of sewing, and there are few dimensional errors, so it is possible to deliver high quality products from 1ST samples.
Furthermore, as one of our strengths, we have a technician dedicated to sample sewing, who has experience in the production line, and discovered problems and notices in production that were difficult to judge only with samples, and sewn with a view to actual production.
By making samples according to specifications, we are working to prevent unexpected problems.

Production control

Production controlimg
Material arrangement
Delivery management
Quality management
Instructions to factories

Each staff member has the consciousness that “there is no delay in delivery time”, and we perform precise scheduling of material preparation, pattern preparation, etc. from accurate grasp of factory line status.
In addition, in sample and main production Precisely grasp the precautions and changes from sewing to washing process, and if there is a concern that a process error will occur, go to the factory and give a thorough explanation in advance.
About production at the Chinese factory Has the same management system as Japan, such as creating partial stitches and checking photos in Japan, and translating it into Chinese, so that there is no difference in the way of understanding with the staff in the oral explanation.

Inspection / shipment

Inspection / shipment img
Needle detection

Veteran inspection workers carefully inspects each item for the presence or absence of accessories, size differences, dirt, and fraying, and double check system is especially important.
If the product is found to be defective during the inspection process, we will repair it and upgrade it from the B product.
In order to prevent the mixing of sewing needles and other unwanted substances, all products are passed through a roller type needle detector that detects metallic substances, and products that have undergone a metal reaction are checked more closely with a handy type needle detector.
Regarding the handling of needles, we guarantee the safety of the product through a thorough needle management system such as “needle lending management ledger” and “daily meter reading work report”.

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